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juin 18, 2019
online law business

How to boost your online law business?

A number of Law business make the mistake of relying on only their skill and reputation to maintain a steady flow of customers. For some, this […]
avril 2, 2014
Internal Justice System of the UN

The new Internal Justice System of the UN

Since the United Nations’ Organization benefit from a total immunity, it cannot be followed by a national court. This is why it has put in place […]
mars 31, 2014

Special Affectation Funds (SAF)

According to the revised status funds, assistance is procured to the countries to cover the different indebted countries spending so that they are able to submit […]
mars 31, 2014
International law commission

International law commission

Many know the name; a few know what it actually is. Here is a definition of the ILC and different information on its members’ organization as […]
mars 28, 2014
the abuse of power

Citizens against the abuse of power

Does an administration or a politic, in order to suppress annoying critics, attack the concerned citizen and flag him as pedophile, unstable or even crazy ? […]
mars 25, 2014

The new law of 17 Mars 2014 : Lawyers may use advertisements

Declared on 17 Mars 2014, the law number n°2014-344 allows lawyers to use ads and personalized solicitations according to the limits that are fixed by the […]
mars 25, 2014

How to create a newsletter

How to choose the newsletter’s format : It is essential to choose the right format according to your objectives, targets, budget … In France, the use […]
mars 25, 2014

A Newsletter for Lawyers

The newsletters are so efficient in promoting their users that they ended up reaching more and more fields. Now, it is becoming really popular amongst lawyers, […]