How to find a good lawyer

good family lawyer in Paris

Find a good family lawyer in Paris

Family is the basic unit in any society. The laws of the land often refer to it from whichever angle. As a social entity, the coming together of two individuals…

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The Importance of Sworn Translation

Legal Sector: The Importance of Sworn Translation

The translation of legal paperwork by a translator who is sworn by the court is what constitutes a sworn translated document. An expert translator interprets legal documents such as birth certificates, title…

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Real estate transaction

Real estate transaction in the UK: why you need to find a good lawyer?

Acquisition and disposal of property is a considerable investment for any individual or entity. It often involves the transaction of a large sum of money, several documents, and, times lengthy…

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Legal translation

Legal translation : find the right agency

Legal translation is a highly specialised aspect of the translation industry, which should be handled with a lot of care. That’s because a poor translation can bring severe repercussions for…

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Choosing a lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is serious business

People who have never really had to deal with courts will generally find themselves in awkward situations. They most likely panic and will not know what to do or where…

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need a lawyer

Cases where you may need a lawyer

The fact that people often do not realize the importance of their lawyer’s job, they tend to underrate him as well as his services. This will not, however, change the…

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lawyer's fees

Are your lawyer’s fees too expensive ?

There is no fixed salary for lawyers. This expense of their fees depends on their specialty, experience and ability to win cases.

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Law Firm

How to find a lawyer : Independent office or Law Firm ?

Before trying to find a lawyer, what anyone should know, is that the three quarters of all the lawyers are just general practitioners. The others finish another level of studies…

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international law lawyer

You are looking for an international law lawyer ?

Before seeking a lawyer that is specialized in international law, you must know that this field is divided into two types , public international law and private international law :

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lawyer’s competences

How to put your lawyer’s competences to the test ?

Usually, the profession’s deontology obliges the lawyer to refuse a case he cannot win for a lack in his level of competence. His interest might be different. So, it would…

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