The new law of 17 Mars 2014 : Lawyers may use advertisements


Declared on 17 Mars 2014, the law number n°2014-344 allows lawyers to use ads and personalized solicitations according to the limits that are fixed by the State Council while rising the sanctions related to the illegal profession as a lawyer.

Advertisements and personal solicitations of lawyers’ plan

The new law modifies the older one : number : 71-1130 of the 31 December 1971 concerning judiciary professions.

The insertion of a general principle authorizes ads and personalized solicitation

The article of the law of the 17 Mars 2014 completes the article 3 of the law of the 31 December 1971 in two major points.

First reform : It allows the lawyer to use ads and personalized solicitation.

Second reform : It states that any personalized allowance must be remunerated. The conditions of this allowance can be fixed by the State Council that should be published soon enough.

The lawyers’ exclusion of the incrimination of the juridical canvassing that is prohibited reinforces the sanctions, in the first place. These sanctions are, however, not applicable on the lawyers that still rely on the 3rd article of the modified law of 31 December 1971. The lawyers are also spared from the application of the law of 25 August 1972. The allowance is conforming to the propositions adopted by the general assembly of the CNB of the 19 and 20 October 2012.

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