What is a lawyer

avril 16, 2014

Do Law & Reality fulfill the goals of justice ?

Does redistributing the  wealth on everyone real justice ? Since any nation that is built on human values, a law that protects these values must be […]
avril 8, 2014
lawyer salary

Average lawyer salary

Today, the biggest part of the lawyers is specialized in different fields. Thus, according to the traffic generated around them, they do not have the same […]
mars 31, 2014
Judges and lawyers

Judges and lawyers training

The simple fact that a juridical national system contains laws that aims to guarantee a state acquaintance of obligations that derive from the international law, does […]
mars 25, 2014
choose your lawyer

A Guide to help you choose your lawyer

The goal is to help you find the lawyer that suits you best. For that, some criteria are considered, and the lawyer must be convenient in […]
mars 25, 2014

What does a lawyer do ?

A lawyer’s job description First of all, in opposition of what many people think, a lawyer always believes in his client’s cause. This is a good […]