Special Affectation Funds (SAF)


According to the revised status funds, assistance is procured to the countries to cover the different indebted countries spending so that they are able to submit their problems to the International Justice Court.

The Affectation Funds Mandate

According to the financial law of the financial management laws of the NATO organization, help is offered in these cases :

-When the country sends the conflict to the court, as a compromise.

-When the conflict to the court through a presented request as the paragraphs 1 and 2 of the article 36 of the court’s status indicates, as long as some conditions are met.

-At the execution of the court’s order.

The Affectation Funds beneficiaries

Under the reserve and conditions announced at the paragraph 6 of the Funds Status, all the Countries who are taking part in the organization of the NATO, all Countries who are not members of the International Court Status of justice, or any country that does not match the conditions of the paragraph 2 of the article 35 of the court’s status can ask for a financial help.

Status, law, and revised principles

The special fund’s affectation’s status, law and revised principles of the general secretary that must help the different countries to help submit their complaints to the international court of justice are annexed in the 21 September 2004’s rapport.

The Special Fund’s Activities

An annual rapport on the Fund’s activities is presented at the general assembly by the secretary general.

Contributions in the Affectation Funds

Countries, intergovernmental organizations, national institutions and non governmental organizations, may voluntarily contribute in the affectation funds.

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