International law commission

International law commission

Many know the name; a few know what it actually is. Here is a definition of the ILC and different information on its members’ organization as well as its role.

International law commission : Definition

The first commission was created in the 21th November 1974 by the NATO’s general assembly. Its role was to codify and help the international law to develop. The commission’s status is annexed to the resolution.

The members of the international law commission

The commission consists of 34 members who are elected by the general assembly for a period of 5 years, and it has an annual meeting. Its members represent the world’s principal juridical system. They work according to their professional affinities and not as representatives of their respective countries. They deal with a large number of international law subjects that organize the countries’ relations.

The international law commission’s activities

The work of this commission consists principally in drafting different articles’ projects on international law matters and issues, some of which are selected by the commission itself and others by the general assembly. When it is done, the general assembly summons normally a conference charged of the articles’ incorporation in the convention that is then opened to the countries’ signature. These countries are then bound by these new dispositions. Some of these conventions form the basis of the international law.

The law conventions related to the use of international water circuits for other reasons than an adopted navigation of the general assembly in 1997 that organizes the reasonable use of this water that is equally divided between two countries or more.

The law that concerns the different counties’ treaties and international organizations or between international organizations, which are adopted by a conference that took place in 1986.

The convention concerning the countries’ successions of goods, archives and country debts that are adopted by a conference that took place in Vienna in 1983.

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