Citizens against the abuse of power

the abuse of power

Does an administration or a politic, in order to suppress annoying critics, attack the concerned citizen and flag him as pedophile, unstable or even crazy ? Well, yes! This happens every day around the world and in the best democracies too. In France, for instance, a citizen can be in a very disadvantageous situation in front of the administrative, and the judicial institutions. And the institutions are unable to defend him especially at the local level.

Does France need a human rights campaign ?

Many democratic countries are not putting enough strength in controlling whether the human rights are being respected or not. In fact, we notice that France, for example, which is one of the countries that respect the human rights the most, is not using an effective juridical arsenal to defend them. And the gap between the texts and what is being actually done is getting real huge. This is one of the new challenges that the country of the human rights has to face.

Cases of infractions to the universal declaration of human rights in France

Too bad to be true, would many think. But, in France, many cases of abuse of power were registered. It usually happens in local areas, where controls are less relentless, frequent and effective than in big cities. We can state the case of the Puteaux municipality that has persecuted a political opponent for many years and has tried in vain to condemn him for pedophilia. They even used the Police force and the man was brutally arrested many times in a row.

A Group of political opponents were also flagged as a sect by the town hall, because they did not agree with their urbanizing policy. And these are just some examples…

Is democracy in France in danger ?

Since human rights are not so well protected anymore, democracy is not guaranteed to prevail either. We notice multiple human rights violations, and we finally understand that a new oligarchy came into power, and it will be really hard to make it go away.

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