A Newsletter for Lawyers

The newsletters are so efficient in promoting their users that they ended up reaching more and more fields. Now, it is becoming really popular amongst lawyers, and especially among Law Firms which use them to keep their clients in touch, and so, use them as advertisements in order to remind them that they are still around when they need a lawyer.

What is a Newsletter ?

A newsletter is a letter that contains different information about a certain field, which is periodically sent over a certain period through e-mail or post, and it reaches all those who are subscribed to it. It is usually used by online newspapers, or enterprises. It contains some information on new products, promotions of a commercial enterprise, or the recent activities of associations. Today, the lawyers’ newsletters are getting trendy, and they do help law firms get their clients.

The main reasons why lawyers use Newsletters

The newsletter reinforces the lawyer’s bounds with his clients and his partners. It also shows his dynamism, and that he is continuously active. That helps the lawyer to maintain a good image, and so, benefit from the good impact he has on his contacts.

The lawyer’s deontology and the Newsletter

Since the lawyers had the right to use ads, the newsletters represent the best way to reach the clients while respecting the lawyer’s deontology. So, the newsletter has to respect some aspects such as :

It must be 100 % informative, in a way, it does not look like a personalized offer, either for the clients or the prospects.

The Law Firm has to inform its order about the Newsletter.

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