Are your lawyer’s fees too expensive ?

lawyer's fees

There is no fixed salary for lawyers. This expense of their fees depends on their specialty, experience and ability to win cases.

The average salary for a lawyer

Not all lawyers are the same, and their fees depend on their specialty and affinities. At any rate, all lawyers defend their clients’ interests in different cases. To every type of cases, there are some qualifications that are required if the lawyer wants to be successful. So, obviously, in family matters cases, a Family Law Attorney is required, while for contract termination issues, a Labor Lawyer is mandatory. Each category of lawyers has an average salary that we will see here.

Salary of a Labor Lawyer

In every conflict that concerns employment, a Labor Lawyer is often required, and also, highly recommended, especially if there is much at stake. In cases of contract terminations, a good labor lawyer may reverse the situation and help his client gain a consequent sum of money. Of course, his client could either be an employer or an employee. Even if, usually, a lawyer is paid by percentage, his average salary is annually around 40 000 €.

Salary of a Family Law Attorney

When it comes to family issues, the adequate lawyer is the Family Attorney. His job is to help the family members to find the ideal compromise amicably first, then, when the litigation is too complex like guardianship, and needs the intervention of a court to be solved he has to try get the best of the situation to his client. The salary of a Family Law Attorney comes between, 1 500 € and 5 000 €. This depends mostly of his experience and efficiency as a lawyer.

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