You are looking for an international law lawyer ?

international law lawyer

Before seeking a lawyer that is specialized in international law, you must know that this field is divided into two types , public international law and private international law :

Public international law

This part of the international law concerns principally the rules that organize the relations between countries and other subjects. This field is particularly politically related and takes the most qualified lawyers that exist, for the importance of their role in the international stability.

Private international law

The private international law, however, as its name shows, concerns the group of laws that govern private individuals who steam from different countries and with different nationalities. The purpose of such laws is to regulate the relations between individuals in an international framework. People usually refer to lawyers that are specialized in this field.

Private international law lawyer

This lawyer may be asked to intervene when there is a conflict between laws to determinate which law may be applied in case of litigation, or when there is a jurisdictional conflict in order to fix their limits, and so, know what the international effects of the international judgments are. In many cases, the lawyer may lead his client, in case of serious crime, to be judged either in the country where he has broken the law, or in his own country. He will obviously make sure that his client will be judged where the sanctions are the least severe.

Generally, the international law governs all the procedures that rule the juridical law of the litigations that oppose different subjects. The private international law lawyer has to put an end to the conflict between the private individuals while public international law lawyer has to take care of the litigations that occur between public individuals.

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