How to find a lawyer : Independent office or Law Firm ?

Law Firm

Before trying to find a lawyer, what anyone should know, is that the three quarters of all the lawyers are just general practitioners. The others finish another level of studies that allows them to become specialized in two or three juridical fields.

A General practitioner is enough

Depending on the case’s requirements and the situation you are involved in, you may be right to believe that you will surely win and this does not require a vast knowledge of the topic or any specific information. In the end, a general practitioner will be less sharp, but this is often more than enough in standard cases. Besides, an experimented general practitioner is often better than a new specialized one. There are also the immigration lawyers that can be useful.

An experimented lawyer

Other lawyers like personal injury lawyers emphasize their field of competence that may not be officially recognized, like the fact that they won a big number of cases and only lost some as well as their experience and success in the courts. They may also have acquired a good expertise from other jobs they have done. For example, an ex-inspector may have the necessary knowledge to help his client avoid pesky situations.

You don’t have to decide right now on whether you should pick a specialist or not. But it is a good thing to keep in mind.

Independent lawyer or Law Firm

There are independent lawyers that one can rely on, groups of a small number of lawyers, and Law Firms that group a large number of highly qualified lawyers, their number can even reach 30 or more.

In the first case, it could either be a general practitioner or a highly specialized one. In a Law Firm, however, you will find pretty much any specialty you want.

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