How to put your lawyer’s competences to the test ?

lawyer’s competences

Usually, the profession’s deontology obliges the lawyer to refuse a case he cannot win for a lack in his level of competence. His interest might be different. So, it would be better to verify that he really is qualified to defend his client.

How to know if the lawyer is trustworthy ?

There is no way to be a 100% sure, but you should ask about the lawyer on the internet, or better finding some of his old clients and contacting them directly, will tell you whether or not you should trust him. Also, people tend to rely on a lawyer who is a member of the family, which is a double edged sword. Since, in case of loss, this might create bad tensions in the family.

How to know since when is your lawyer working

There is always a web site that has a large data base with detailed information on the lawyers of that area (city). There, you will not only know how many years of experience your lawyer has, but also his win and lose average.

If you lawyer is an ex-barrister or an ex-bar council president, you can be sure that you will hardly find better than him since he is acknowledged amongst his colleagues.

Should I be suspicious around my lawyer ?

Well, you should decide to give his case to a particular lawyer, only when he trusts him. Before that, you should know his qualifications. The better they are, the lesser chance he would flannel you. Keep in mind that only a non-qualified lawyer would do such a thing.

Finally, you should also be careful not to let the lawyer entail you rapidly into a trial. Try to find a way to end the conflict amicably first. Trials usually take a long time to be settled and the longer the trial lasts, the bigger the lawyer’s fees get. And this is not good for the client who will end up losing both money and time.

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