A Guide to help you choose your lawyer

choose your lawyer

The goal is to help you find the lawyer that suits you best. For that, some criteria are considered, and the lawyer must be convenient in terms of competence, availability, price etc…

The one who will be the best lawyer for you will not be the best for someone else who is dealing with another situation. For example, how to find a good divorce lawyer does not concern someone who tries to find a personal injury lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer.

The following small guide will show you how to find a lawyer that is perfect, just for you.

How to know if my lawyer is competent ?

Any lawyer has a diploma that confirms his status. However, even if some have a higher level of studies, they are not automatically better than the others. Not only should you pay a particular attention to how many years of experience do they have, or if their field of knowledge is appropriate to your case.

Is a lawyer supposed to be located in the neighborhood ?

In the opposite of what many might think, the distance does not affect a lawyer’s performance or ability to do his job. The issue is simple however, since it only may raise the lawyer’s fees due to travels. So, the idea is that, if you have serious business to deal with, you better get the best lawyer you may find even if he is far away from your location.

How to deal with my lawyer ?

It is essential to have a clean and pleasant atmosphere with your lawyer.

To be able to defend you well, a lawyer has to know everything about his client. So you have to be comfortable with him.

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