Do Law & Reality fulfill the goals of justice ?


Does redistributing the  wealth on everyone real justice ? Since any nation that is built on human values, a law that protects these values must be absolute and properly applied on anyone, and particularly on the strong.

Is jutice the same thing as equality ?

Old Greece’s philosopher Aristotle believes there actually are two categories of justice : One that is principally related to common social activities like commerce ; buying and selling, and how it is organized, as well as more unusual ones such as offenses and crimes. It is clearly stated that the Law shall be applied equally on everyone. It has to condemn the criminals whatever their status are. The second type of justice is distributive. It is related to distribution of wealth on the citizens. This does not make a perfect image of justice, since not everyone deserve the same share. So, unlike the precedent type of justice, here, dividing equally the shares on everyone is no justice.

Justice needs some kind of equality

In order to be fulfilled, justice needs some sort of equality on which the society may be based on. Not all people are equal ; neither when it comes to intelligence, natural strength, etc… and also the social classes they belong to as well as their cultural properties. But, since the basic definition of justice is issued from equality, those differences must be taken into consideration, and compensated on purpose to put again the individuals on the same level. As Jean Jacques Rousseau says : What makes a State legitimate is its ability to guarantee the preservation of the human dignity such as freedom to its people. The most important component of a certain Country that can be considered as fair is freedom. Because it is only in freedom that justice can have a meaning and a purpose. The inequalities that reside in laws must be replaced by the absolute equality in rights. Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin once said : “The people that sacrifices some of its freedom to guarantee its safety, does not deserve any, and ends up losing both.”

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