Average lawyer salary

lawyer salary

Today, the biggest part of the lawyers is specialized in different fields. Thus, according to the traffic generated around them, they do not have the same amount of clients, and depending on the cases’ complexity, the lawyer fee differs.

Differences between lawyers’ salaries

Let us compare different types of lawyers :

Business lawyers : Lawyers who are specialized in business and defending big companies are those who take the smallest number of cases, but who have, also, the highest wages. They can win more than 5 000 € per month.

Labor lawyers : Lawyers who are specialized in labor and litigations that occur during work have a big responsibility defending their clients. An employer may go bankrupt after improperly firing a big number of employees, while an employee may be jobless, with no cash to pay his rent. It is the lawyer’s job to defend his client at all cost. Their salary is usually around 4 000 €.

Family law attorneys : A lawyer who is specialized in family issues, especially in cases of divorces, must be particularly attentive. They must help their client get the most out of the conflict. Even if, when it comes to monetary issues, the two parts may come to an agreement, it is when it concerns the children that the conflict may get harsh and complicated. It is also known that the procedure usually takes much time. They win monthly around 3 000 €.

A lawyer’s average salary

It is hard to define the lawyers’ average salaries, especially if we consider that women gain a bit less. So, the best way is to classify them by gender, too.

A lawyer’s average salary (men) : around 4 500 € / Month.

A lawyer’s average salary (women) : around 3 500 € / Month.

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