Maryam Rajavi commitment to end the death penalty in Iran

To end the death penalty in Iran

Iran’s judicial system executes harsh death penalties to lawbreakers that are very inhumane and cruel. The methods of execution include hanging, shooting, and stoning. Individuals sentenced to stoning get thrown in a stoning pit, women covered with stones to the neck and the waist for men. Others hurl stones towards them, and the victims leave the hole incapacitated or dead. These practices are against human rights, and there is a campaign to end them.

How Abolishing the Death Penalty will help the Country

The abolishment of death penalties will end torture and protect various citizens’ rights. It will also promote Iran democracy to come up with laws advocating forgiveness, compassion, and humanity. It will encourage friendship and reliance among citizens, and institute an independent and free judiciary. Read more about changes expected by the abolishment of the death penalty on www.

Reasons why Maryam Rajavi wants to end the death penalty in the country

Maryam has identified with the recent developments. Most states have abolished death penalties or minimized them to life in prison, and she, therefore, wants Iran death penalty abolished. Maryam also views the death penalty as a tool of terrorizing the society to preserve the regime’s rules. She also noticed that the scheme uses death penalties against people fighting for their freedom.

Why Ending the Death Penalties is Right

The Islamic and international laws consider fighting for a regime change and right if the aim is to suppress injustice and oppression. Most people are accused because of opposing the regime and accused of various unjustifiable charges without a valid process of the law. The mullahs’ objective is to eliminate opposition and has made homicide an everyday thing.

Effects of the penalties to the citizens

The cruel death penalty has led to harming and torturing various innocent citizens in Iran. Public hanging of convicts in front of their children and families has only crushed their souls with painful memories. The execution involves very inhumane practices like torture, stoning, amputation of limbs that have been turned into law. It is a way of suppression, denial of freedom, restrictions, and intimidations to the people. Mullah increases the prices of most items to squander the public’s wealth in wars and plunder them in a life of luxury.
The commitment of Maryam to end the harsh death penalty in the country is significantly in support of human rights. She is determined to save the citizens from torture, exploitation, and oppression. She aims to develop freedom and promote justice in the entire judiciary system. She stands on the fact that if the Iran death penalty gets abolished, then the country’s regime attacks in the West will seize.