avril 16, 2014

Do Law & Reality fulfill the goals of justice ?

Does redistributing the  wealth on everyone real justice ? Since any nation that is built on human values, a law that protects these values must be […]
avril 8, 2014
Choosing a lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is serious business

People who have never really had to deal with courts will generally find themselves in awkward situations. They most likely panic and will not know what […]
avril 8, 2014
lawyer salary

Average lawyer salary

Today, the biggest part of the lawyers is specialized in different fields. Thus, according to the traffic generated around them, they do not have the same […]
avril 4, 2014
need a lawyer

Cases where you may need a lawyer

The fact that people often do not realize the importance of their lawyer’s job, they tend to underrate him as well as his services. This will […]
avril 4, 2014
lawyer's fees

Are your lawyer’s fees too expensive ?

There is no fixed salary for lawyers. This expense of their fees depends on their specialty, experience and ability to win cases.
avril 2, 2014
Internal Justice System of the UN

The new Internal Justice System of the UN

Since the United Nations’ Organization benefit from a total immunity, it cannot be followed by a national court. This is why it has put in place […]