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Choosing a lawyer is serious business!

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Do you hesitate to resort to the services of a lawyer ? Here we can help you find the right man for the job according to your particular case !


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To get acquainted with the procedure, start with a free counseling then you can pick the best lawyer for you and tell him about your case.


How to find a lawyer

According to studies, 37% of those who resort to lawyser knew them by word of mouth, 14% found them in a directory or read their building plates.


Lawyers are humane

The link between the lawyer and his client is much more than just money for services. It is principally based on respect and trust.

When looking for a good lawyer, people tend to panic a little bit. Thankfully...

finding the right lawyer is easily achievable through a lot of methods!

Why resort to a lawyer

Resorting to a lawyer has many good aspects you might not know about...

Whether it’s a lawyer in France, in Japan or anywhere else in the world that you’re looking for, you can expect almost the same principles governing this profession. A lawyer does not only intervene during the course of a trial, he can act at earlier stages prior to any proccedings in order to advise his client, give his opinion on the soundness of the legal action he plans to take, the risks he may encounter and his chances of success. A good lawyer is not a procedural: he will rather try to reconcile you with your opponent first and will do anything to avoid going to trial. Here you can discover everything you need to know about when and how to resort to a lwayer…

Put your lawyer’s competences to the test!

What lawyers do

They help you deal with judiciary issues

The right lawyer

Learn how to know if you have the best lawyer

Choose wisely

Not the one that tries to impress you the most

Behind the scenes of the lawyer profession

Before seeking a lawyer specialized in international law, you must know that this field is divided into two types , public international law and private international law, more on

The profession’s deontology obliges the lawyer to refuse a case he cannot win for a lack in his level of competence. His interest might be different though.

Three quarters of all the lawyers are general practitioners. The others finish another level of studies to become specialized in one or two juridical fields.

A it’s the case for any service provider, lawyers do not have the same amount of clients, and depending on the cases’ complexity, the lawyer fee differs.

Behind the scenes of the lawyer profession