How to find a good lawyer

avril 8, 2014
Choosing a lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is serious business

People who have never really had to deal with courts will generally find themselves in awkward situations. They most likely panic and will not know what […]
avril 4, 2014
need a lawyer

Cases where you may need a lawyer

The fact that people often do not realize the importance of their lawyer’s job, they tend to underrate him as well as his services. This will […]
avril 4, 2014
lawyer's fees

Are your lawyer’s fees too expensive ?

There is no fixed salary for lawyers. This expense of their fees depends on their specialty, experience and ability to win cases.
mars 25, 2014
Law Firm

How to find a lawyer : Independent office or Law Firm ?

Before trying to find a lawyer, what anyone should know, is that the three quarters of all the lawyers are just general practitioners. The others finish […]
mars 25, 2014
international law lawyer

You are looking for an international law lawyer ?

Before seeking a lawyer that is specialized in international law, you must know that this field is divided into two types , public international law and […]
mars 25, 2014
lawyer’s competences

How to put your lawyer’s competences to the test ?

Usually, the profession’s deontology obliges the lawyer to refuse a case he cannot win for a lack in his level of competence. His interest might be […]